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Lille 59000 DPE Diagnostics Award | CASADIAG EXPERTISE


Complexe d'appartements modernes
What mandatory diagnostics for the sale of real estate
individuals for Lille?
* Price for a pack of 6 diagnostics - Surface <91 m²
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Price according to the number of Lille diagnoses to be carried out - Surface <91 m²
Immediate Payment - Travel expenses included

Payment possible at a notary at 95 € per diagnosis. Rates Applicable from January 1, 2021

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Example: for your house from the 70s of less than 91 m² or 4 rooms with gas installation, you must carry out the DPE + Asbestos + Elec + Gas, ie 4 diagnoses for 260 € TTC.

For areas greater than 91 m², an additional price is applied at the rate of € 3 including tax per diagnosis and per 10 m² segment beyond 91 m². For example for a house of 120 m² for which you have to carry out 4 diagnoses, the price will be 260 + (4 x 3 € x 3 installments) = 296 € incl.

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As a reminder, Your obligations for the rental of real estate in Lille:

1 - the DPE must be present and is valid for 10 years,

2 - the DAAP asbestos diagnosis private part for a condominium and if the building permit is prior to 01/07/1997,

3 - the living space certificate according to the Boutin law must be attached,

4 - the lead diagnosis valid for 6 years for the rental if the property dates from before 1949,

5 - The Electrical and Gas diagnosis is also valid for 6 years for rental if the installations are over 15 years old,

6 - the ERP the state of risks and pollution must be carried out with the lease,


Your obligations for the sale of a house, an apartment, a commercial premises in Lille:

1 - the energy performance diagnostic DPE for residential property,

1a - the DPE MENTION Lille for goods for professional use,

2 - the Carrez Law for all property in joint ownership,

3 - the Lille Asbestos diagnostic for real estate,

3a - the DTA asbestos technical file for buildings for professional use Lille north,

4 - the lead diagnosis for residential property,

5 - Electrical and Gas diagnostics for all homes and apartments in Lille, the installation of which is more than 15 years old.

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News of real estate prices in Lille

Old Lille, a safe bet

Real estate professionals are unanimous: with its rich heritage in buildings of all kinds prior to the industrial revolution, its cobbled streets and its squares lined with trendy shops and bars, Vieux-Lille, north of the center - city, remains popular with a large audience of investors. It also attracts a large contingent of “commuters”: those working people living in Lille who regularly travel to the capital. Lille Europe station is indeed only ten minutes by car from the historic center ...

Logical consequence: the prices are high. In the old, a restored apartment costs between € 3,000 and € 3,650 per square meter depending on the condition, location and characteristics of the property (whether or not there is a parking space or a balcony, for example). ). Rue de Gard, parallel to Rue du Gand, one of the prettiest cobbled streets in Vieux-Lille, in a backyard building dating from the 19th century, a 2-room apartment to refresh, in inverted duplex (bedroom on the ground floor floor) of 37 m2, with exposed beams and brick walls, for example easily found a taker at € 129,000 (€ 3,486 per square meter).

In Old Lille, more recent housing is not necessarily more expensive. A stone's throw from Avenue du Peuple-Belge, on the fifth floor of a building from the early 1990s, a 63 m2 3-room apartment, with garage and terrace, was bought for € 232,000 by a couple in their thirties ( € 3,700 m²).

Rue des BonnesRappes, on the sixth floor of a residence in good condition from the 1990s, a 2-room apartment of 48 m2, with balcony, garage and cellar, sold in barely a month to. € 162,000 (€ 3,375 per square meter). Further south, towards the Champ-de-Mars in a modern building, a "commuter" bought a 45 m2 2-room apartment for € 162,000 to refresh, with terrace and parking space (€ 3,600 per meter). square). Rare for sale, the houses are negotiated around € 3,700 per square meter. Rue des Tours, an old terraced brick house of 90 m2, in good condition, comprising 4 rooms including 3 bedrooms, without parking or garden, was bought for € 337,000 by a couple of executives. Notice to house lovers
exceptional: a few meters from the Place du Concert, a semi-detached 17th century building, of 500 m2, with large reception rooms, a garage and a 250 m2 garden, is currently on sale for the tidy sum of 1.6 million euros.

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Average price in old buildings: € 4,500 per m² for a 19th century studio in old Lille

Average price in new buildings: around € 4,000 per m²

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In Lille, no leakage of investors following rent control

From 10.10 euros per square meter and per month in the case of a four-room apartment in Lille-Sud, built between 1946 and 1970, to 20.80 euros for a studio in Old Lille before 1946: here is the range prices that Lille landlords can no longer exceed for a new rental. Put in place on February 1, the rent framework, which divides the city (Lomme and Hellemmes included) into four pricing zones, should especially penalize studio owners. "For the most
supermarkets, the published reference prices correspond more or less to what was practiced ”. Balance sheet: based on the new rent ceilings, the profitability of a 20 square meters in good condition, bought for 90,000 euros, will still be 5.5% in Vieux-Lille, and 6.2% in the city center, where the budget drops to 80,000 euros. The measure will not prevent work enthusiasts from doing good business. As proof, this investor who will be able to pocket 5.2% of return for his two rooms of 45 square meters, near République, bought 115,000 euros before 30,000 euros of renovation. And if the supervision did not lead to investors exile to the peripheral municipalities, it could strengthen the attractiveness of short-term rental, with profitability close to 6.5%, after deducting non-recoverable charges such as electricity, water or the essential Internet subscription. It must be said that the two-room apartments in the city center or in Old Lille, as long as they are close to the stations, allow us to hope for an occupancy rate of 80%.
Conversely, there is not much to expect from car parks, the scarcity of which drives up prices. In the city center, for example, where you have to pay 30,000 euros, the rental only brings in 120 euros per month. That is a meager 4.8% yield. Ditto with new buildings: at the most popular locations, profitability peaks at 3.5% before tax advantage. In the Bois-Blancs district, near the Eura Technologies business area, where demand is growing, it is necessary to plan € 175,000 for a two-room apartment of good standing, with parking, then rented 520 euros per month.

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In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

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