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What is the price of a REAL asbestos inspection before work (RAAT) today?

What price for a real asbestos diagnosis before work?

It is always complicated to provide a numerical estimate and yet it is increasingly requested, particularly by municipalities who want an estimate of the number of levies in order to avoid final invoices which correspond to ten times the initial amount.

In fact, some companies offer a rock-bottom price without taking into account the price of an estimate of withdrawals and customers are fooled by these tempting offers. And it is at the end of the mission that the pain is revealed with a number of analyzes significantly higher than that which should have been in order to recover the amount at the bottom of the initial estimate.

This is why it is strongly recommended to ask the company for an estimate of the number of samples for your asbestos identification before work Nord 59 in order to obtain a better defined quote and which will have delimited its identification program according to the work program . This way the final invoice will be as close as possible to the initial quote.

In summary, to avoid any unpleasant surprises regarding invoicing:

1 - ask for an estimate of the number of samples, a company that has experience will always be able to give you an estimated figure before the asbestos detection before work Nord 59,

2 - be precise in defining the work to be carried out in order to avoid unnecessary samples for areas not affected by the work,

3 - provide the work plans and the existing DTA diagnostics of the building.

The more precise the definition of the work, the better the estimate of the number of samples carried out during the pre-visit or pre-study by an experienced technician, an estimate which at the end of the project could correspond to + or - 20% of the number of analyzes carried out.

To get a first idea, the price of an exhaustive asbestos survey before Lille Nord works will be around €2 to €4 excluding VAT per m², analyzes included for areas less than 500 m². Price purely indicative, because this price may differ for certain specific premises depending on the date of construction, difficult access or even the type of building. On the other hand, for areas greater than 1000 m² the price of asbestos detection before work per m² can go down to €1.10 excluding tax to €2 excluding tax per m² depending on the type of building and the date of construction. In fact, buildings built in the 1960s - 1980s are likely to contain much more asbestos materials. The price of a “good” pre-work asbestos identification in Lille with an estimate of samples may seem high, but it is always less expensive than the cost of an asbestos identification in Lille works with a very low basic estimate and a number of Final analyzes not estimated very high and not justified.

The prices announced according to our experience of construction sites are valid for asbestos identification before works North - RAAT Lille Nord, asbestos detection before demolition Lille - RAAD Lille Nord or a diagnosis before works Hauts-de-France - DAAT Lille Nord DF, or even an asbestos diagnosis before works Paris IDF - DAAT Paris IDF.

How to select your company?

Operator certification

Since January 1, 2017, there are now two asbestos certifications, without mention for the diagnostics produced during a sale, and the DTA; with mention for pre-demolition and complex buildings (ERP, IGH...). The SPS coordinators also have the mission of ensuring that those working on the site are indeed certified people.

You can check the certification of people by clicking on the link below:

Home page [Online directory of certified real estate diagnosticians] (

Pro liability The profession of real estate diagnostician is subject to a Pro liability obligation with minimums imposed by regulations: 300,000 euros per claim and 500,000 euros per year c'vile. It all depends on the size of the site, but in terms of pre-work, these minimums can very quickly prove insufficient. Furthermore, in the insurance policies now offered to the diagnostician, some do not (or no longer) cover losses linked to pre-work inspections.

Subsection 4 certification training

It's a minimum. The identification operator must be able to produce a valid training certificate for the prevention of risks linked to asbestos. This mandatory certificate proves that the operator has been trained in the asbestos risk and its means of prevention according to the Labor Code.

CASADIAG Expertises meets all these conditions and remains at your disposal for your quote requests both for a price for your asbestos detection before demolition work in Hauts-de-France and for a price for your asbestos detection before work in Paris Ile-de -France or a price for asbestos research before works North 59 and asbestos diagnosis before demolition North 59.


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