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Your Lille DPE Diagnosis (sale / rental)

DPE Lille diagnostics

Amiante avant travaux-demol Lille

Casadiag Expertises (or Kazadiag Expertises) has now existed for more than 10 years to respond to your requests for diagnoses in Lille metropolis but also in the region and neighboring departments.

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Why Diagnostic DPE Lille? Because there is confusion in everyday language between diagnosis and DPE. Indeed these 2 words are often taken for synonyms while they are not. Diagnosis means all the diagnoses to be carried out and DPE is one of the diagnoses, in this case the energy performance diagnosis.

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Before carrying out your diagnoses for the rental, sale, commercial lease of your professional premises, remember to check the diagnoses you will need in order to understand what is required according to the legislation and what will allow you to make more relevant requests. with diagnostic firms to study your quotes.

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Thus we carry out both DPE diagnostics in Lille (or by following the diagnostic spelling dpe Lille, diagnostik dpe Lille) for both residential and professional goods.

We are SOCOTEC certified to perform diagnostics such as DPE Asbestos Lead Gas Electricity Lille for individuals who wish to sell or rent their building, and we have DPE Mention and Asbestos Mention certifications for sale or rental through the Lille commercial lease. professional buildings such as commercial premises, industrial warehouse.

We can also respond to requests for asbestos before works Lille, asbestos before demolition Lille, Lead before works Lille and we would like to point out that we are SS4 trained to intervene according to the labor code.

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At the request of our customers, we have passed the TERMITES Lille certification allowing us to carry out the Lille termite diagnostics but also the Lille Nord dry rot diagnosis very often requested by buyers.

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You can also consult our second site on which is centered on a more localized referencing on Diagnostic DPE Lille.

What properties are affected?

The Lille DPE Diagnosis must be carried out in all housing for residential or tertiary use, except those intended to be occupied for less than four months of the year.

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Who orders the Lille DPE Diagnosis?

It is the owner of the accommodation or the lessor to carry out the DPE Lille Diagnosis. The Lille DPE Diagnosis will be carried out before the accommodation is put up for sale or rental and will be given to the purchaser or to the tenant.

Only a certified diagnostician can perform the Energy Performance diagnostic. There are two levels of certification:

  1. Certification without mention, known as energy performance diagnostic (DPE) Lille, for carrying out energy performance diagnostics (DPE) of individual dwellings and lots in buildings for main residential use

  2. certification with mention (DPE Mention Lille), known as "energy performance diagnosis for all types of buildings", for carrying out energy performance diagnoses in buildings or buildings for main use other than residential

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What is the Lille DPE Diagnosis for?
For :
Better understand the consumption and emissions of the existing fleet.
Inform and educate operators and users on economic and environmental issues
- classify consumption and CO2 emissions on a scale from A to G,
- advise on the behaviors to adopt - recommend improvement work.
Allow consumers to compare the energy performance of buildings with each other.

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Important remarks on calculations by simulations:

Are there any differences between consumption obtained by simulation and invoices?
The main reasons:
1. Differences in weather conditions between the billing year (s) taken into account and the reference for the simulation which is an average over 30 years,
2. The actual conditions of energy use that differ from the standardized scenario based on the simulation calculation: behavior, number of occupants, lifestyles, etc.
The notion of energy performance given by considering a standardized use is fundamental.

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For information, the mandatory diagnoses of a rental for a DPE Diagnosis in Lille:

1 - the Lille DPE Diagnosis is valid for 10 years,

2 - the living space certificate according to the Boutin Lille law,

3 - the DAAP asbestos diagnosis in the private part for a condominium,

4 - the Lille lead diagnosis is valid for 6 years for rental if the property dates from before 1949,

5 - The Electrical Lille and Gas diagnosis are also valid for 6 years for rental if the installations are over 15 years old,

6 - the ERP Lille state of risks and pollution,


For the sale of a house, an apartment, a commercial premises in Lille, the diagnoses to be made are:

1 - the Carrez Lille Law for all property in joint ownership,

2 - the DPE Lille energy performance diagnosis for residential property,

2 bis - the DPE MENTION for goods for professional use in Lille,

3 - Electrical and Gas diagnostics for all homes and apartments in Lille, the installation of which is more than 15 years old.

4 - the Asbestos diagnosis for real estate in Lille,

4 bis - the DTA Lille asbestos technical file for buildings for professional use north,

5 - the lead diagnosis for residential property,

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We travel to carry out the Cerfa 13824 diagnosis for disabled accessibility Lille Hauts-de-France , the DPE Mention DTA Lille , asbestos before demolition Villeneuve d'Ascq , DPE Lomme diagnosis , DPE Haubourdin , Lambersart property diagnosis , Northern merule diagnosis , diagnosis commercial premises Marcq-en-Barœul , Lille Métropole sanitation diagnosis , Lille market value expertise , DTA Douai , Roncq diagnosis , Lead before demolition Roubaix , asbestos before Tourcoing works , North mushroom diagnosis , Marcq-en-Barœul market value , DPE Pérenchies , diagnosis real estate Marquette lez Lille , DPE Sequedin diagnosis, Lille house sale diagnosis , Roubaix parasite diagnosis , DPE Mention Nord , Lille rot diagnosis, Lambersart electricity diagnosis , DPE Bondues diagnosis, Wasquehal house diagnosis

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