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Lille 59000 Sanitation Diagnosis | CASADIAG EXPERTISE

Lille sanitation diagnostics

  The Lille sanitation diagnostic

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  • Collective Sanitation Diagnosis

The object of the mission is to check the general condition of a sanitation installation connected to the collective network.

This diagnosis consists of verifying the presence, if possible, and the general condition of the collective sanitation system.

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  • Non-Collective Sanitation Control

Your property is not connected to the municipal wastewater network but to a septic tank?
You are required to carry out a property diagnosis and sanitation Montpellier 34.
The occupants of housing without "mains drainage" are subject to environmental and health risks, it is therefore necessary to establish a sanitation diagnosis in Montpellier.
The objective of the North sanitation diagnostic technical file is to check the installation in accordance with the standards in force. Most commonly, it is established by the Public Service for Non-Collective Sanitation “SPANC” in your municipality.

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  • Sanitation diagnosis: procedure

Unlike other property diagnoses which are carried out by a professional diagnostician, the sanitation diagnosis, payable by the seller, is carried out by the control service (SPANC) of the municipality where the property is located.
After checking the installation, an inspection report is sent to the owner. It is this report which must be appended to the sales agreement. This one can mention:

  • Recommendations to the owner

  • A list of work to be carried out in the event of health or environmental risks

Unlike other property diagnoses which are purely informative, the sanitation diagnosis can be restrictive. Indeed, if the purchaser buys the property without these compliance work having been done, he then has one year to carry them out from the date of the signing of the authentic deed of sale.

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  • Definition of a branch

The connection includes, from the public pipeline:
- a device allowing connection to the public network (inspection manhole generally, connection pants when there is no possibility of connection to a manhole);
- a connection pipe located both under the public and private domain with a minimum diameter of 125 mm PVC;
- a work known as a “facade look” placed on the property line and on the public domain (generally 40x40 cm look).
The minimum slope of the connection must be 1 to 3 cm per meter.
The sanitation connection only accepts waste water (kitchen, laundry room, toilet, bathroom).
Rainwater and drain water from swimming pools must not be connected to this network.

  1. How do you know where the sewer is going and if you are connected to it?

The town hall decides on the part of the connection on the public road side. When the town hall says land served it means that there is a water network that passes in the street in front of your property, connected construction means that there is a connection for your house and that a pipe is connected to it ; This concerns the public part.

Then on the private part it is on your plot, correct connection that means that there is certainly a mixture of wastewater and rainwater which goes to the main sewer and if there is a septic tank to neutralize which also meant that the circuit went through the septic tank.

If it is to be neutralized, this suggests that the water passed through the pit before going to the public network. It is not uncommon to find this case which was not prohibited until recently.

Moreover, there are many which exist and which work in this way and which are not detectable because on top there is a slab or a terrace or a concrete screed. It works well as long as the house is occupied, the problem arises in the event of prolonged non-use because the sewage dries up and clogs the pipes.

The pit to be neutralized simply consists of channeling the wastewater inlets between the inlet and the outlet of the pit from the inside or the outside, to divert the rainwater and to fill the sand pit.

The statements of the town hall and the notary are not contradictory because he does not speak of the same part of the network. The town hall speaks of the connection on the public part therefore well connected and the notary by the non-conformity of the private part pit. The diagnosis serves precisely to inform about the private part because the town hall only decides on the public part.

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