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Your Real Estate Diagnosis La Madeleine - DPE La Madeleine (sale / rental)

Real estate diagnostics La Madeleine

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Diagnostics immobiliers La Madeleine

The Cabinet CASADIAG Expertises has been in existence for more than 10 years in the Lille metropolis and we operate throughout the Hauts-de-France region at your request, both for carrying out diagnoses of buildings for residential use and for buildings in professional use.

Over the past fifteen years, we have aligned ourselves with changes in state requirements, particularly in terms of certifications. Indeed, obtaining DPE Mention and DTA Mention certifications allow us to carry out all the diagnostics necessary for the sale of commercial or professional premises in La Madeleine and also for the constitution of a commercial lease La Madeleine or asbestos diagnostics before work or demolition. Madeleine.

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La Madeleine is a French commune located in the department of Nord 59, Hauts-de-France.
The municipality covers 2.9 km² and has 23,000 inhabitants, covering an area of ​​2.84 km².
Surrounded by the municipalities of Saint-André-lez-Lille , Lille and Marcq-en-Barœul .

Its inhabitants are called Madeleinois and Madeleinoises.

The real estate market is stable in Madeleine thanks to the tram axis, a clientele from Brussels and Paris is interested in buying in the Botanique-Romarin and Saint-Maur sector.

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