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This document has become essential for the rental or sale of real estate, whether for residential or professional use.

We have the double certification which allows us to carry out the classic DPE for residential use and theDPE MENTION Villeneuve d'Ascq for your commercial, industrial and warehouse premises.

The realization of the DPE is relatively complex.

For buildings for commercial use or homes built before 1948, the DPE is based on gas and electricity bills according to the means of heating divided by the living or useful area depending on the type of building. This type of calculation has the advantage of sticking to the reality of the consumption of the inhabitants, on the other hand it can involve misunderstandings if housing is inhabited by a single person, if it is occupied only 6 months of the year and if their occupants heat little or a lot compared to normality which is 19°. The same goes for commercial premises in Lille if the activity requires little or a lot of heating means, if it requires little or less energy to operate or produce.

For homes built after 1948, the 3CL calculation method is used, which is a method for calculating energy loss based on the typical consumption of a house occupied by a family of 4, for a heating temperature of 19° and calculated on the typical consumption of the last thirty years. This type of calculation allows a standardization of the method of calculation of the DPE in Lille, nevertheless it has weaknesses because the global warming of these last 10 years is indisputable and if the housing is occupied by a greater number of people, it will consume more. than what the DPE provides and vice versa if the accommodation is occupied by less than 4 people.

The notion of energy performance given by considering standardized use is fundamental.

What is the price of an ECD Villeneuve d'Ascq diagnosis?

The price depends on the type of DPE to be carried out and the surface area of the property.

For example, for an apartment or a house in Lille metropolis of 100 m², the price is €140 including tax to carry out the simple DPE or €200 including tax for a Projected DPE or DPE Audit in order to study the most appropriate recommendations in order to achieve real energy performance for housing in Lille. During the DPE audit we are also led to use a thermal camera in order to control thermal bridges and the correct placement of insulation under the roof or in the walls.

Below is an example of photos obtained during the study of a house built in 2004.

What real estate is concerned in the municipality of Villeneuve d'Ascq?

The DPE must be carried out in all dwellings for residential or tertiary use, except those intended to be occupied for less than four months in the year.

Who is the principal of the DPE in the Villeneuve d'Ascq sector?

It is the owner of the accommodation or the lessor who must have the DPE carried out. This will be carried out before the sale or rental of the accommodation and will be given to the purchaser or the tenant.

Only a certified diagnostician can carry out the Energy Performance diagnostic. There are two levels of certification:

  1. Certification without mention, called energy performance diagnosis (DPE),   for carrying out energy performance diagnoses (DPE) of individual dwellings and lots in buildings with main residential use

  2. certification with mention (DPE Mention Lille), known as "energy performance diagnosis for all types of buildings", for carrying out energy performance diagnoses for buildings or buildings with main use other than residential

What is the benefit of ECD?
The ECD serves:
- Better understand the consumption and emissions of the existing fleet.
- to inform and educate operators and users on economic and environmental issues
– to classify consumption and CO2 emissions on a scale from A to G,
– to advise on behaviors to adopt – to recommend improvement works. 
- To allow consumers to compare the energy performance of buildings with each other.

What sanction in case of absence of DPE Bail locatif Lille or DPE Bail commercial Villeneuve d'Ascq Nord?
The absence of a DPE with its Ademe number invalidates the commercial lease or the rental lease.

Mandatory diagnostics when renting for an ECD in Villeneuve d'Ascq:

1 - the DPE which is valid for 10 years,

2 - the certificate of living space certified Boutin law,

3 - the private part asbestos diagnosis DAAP if the accommodation is co-owned,

4 - the lead diagnosis which is valid 6  years for rental if the property was built before 1949,

5 - The Electrical and Gas diagnosis valid for 6 years for the rental if the installations are more than 15 years old,

6 - and the ERP the state of risks and pollution,


The mandatory diagnoses for a house, an apartment, a commercial premises in Villeneuve d'Ascq are:

1 - the Carrez law in co-ownership,

2 - the DPE Lille energy diagnosis if the property is for residential use,

2 bis - the DPE MENTION if the property is for professional use in Lille,

3 - Electrical and Gas diagnostics for all homes and apartments in Lille if the installation is over 15 years old,

4 - Asbestos diagnosis for real estate in Lille,

4 bis - the DTA asbestos technical file for buildings for professional use north, 

5 - Lead diagnosis for residential property,

Contact us to inform you about your obligations and help you with your administrative procedures. Our small structure will be able to respond to you quickly and act as soon as possible to satisfy you.



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