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Real Estate Diagnostics Marcq-en-Baroeul | CASADIAG EXPERTISE

Your Real Estate Diagnosis Marcq-en-Baroeul - DPE Marcq-en-Baroeul (sale / rental)

Real Estate Diagnosis Marcq en Baroeul

Diagnostics immobiliers Marcq en Baroeul
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The DPE in Marcq-en-Barœul, a mandatory essential document

It is the essential document for the sale, rental, commercial lease and for which there is confusion in everyday language. In fact, there is confusion with the technical diagnostic file which includes all the mandatory diagnostics and the Marcq-en-Barœul DPE which constitutes one of the diagnostics, that is to say the energy performance diagnostic.

The Energy Performance Diagnosis (DPE) be carried out during the sale of real estate, whether for a house or an apartment.
The Law obliges the seller or the lessor to produce a sale DPE or a rental DPE established by a certified real estate diagnostician.

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Since you are responsible for the company that you are going to mandate to carry out the diagnostics of your property in Roubaix, you must check the certifications of the diagnostician on the state site at the following address:

The energy result of the DPE Marcq-en-Barœul indicates the quantity of energy actually consumed or estimated as well as a classification according to reference values ​​so that consumers can compare and assess its energy performance, the 60% of housing in France are classified in the last three classes of energy performance and their energy consumption is a considerable expense to be taken into account before taking out a loan or a lease.

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Its reading is facilitated by an estimate in euros and by the use of a double label: a label to know the energy consumption and a label to know the impact of this consumption on the greenhouse effect.

This DPE, the implementation of which was the subject of a decree published in the official journal of September 14, 2006, must be established during the sale, in the same way as the diagnosis of asbestos , lead and termites . However, it will only have informative value . Indeed, unlike other diagnoses, such as termites or lead diagnosis, the purchaser or tenant cannot invoke it against the owner.

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THE DPE is valid for 10 years.

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As a reminder, Your obligations for the rental of real estate in Marcq-en-Barœul :

1 - the DPE must be present and is valid for 10 years,

2 - the DAAP asbestos diagnosis private part for a condominium and if the building permit is prior to 01/07/1997,

3 - the living space certificate according to the Boutin law must be attached,

4 - the lead diagnosis valid for 6 years for the rental if the property dates from before 1949,

5 - The Electrical and Gas diagnosis is also valid for 6 years for rental if the installations are over 15 years old,

6 - the ERP the state of risks and pollution must be carried out with the lease,


Your obligations for the sale of a house, an apartment, a commercial premises in Marcq-en-Barœul :

1 - the energy performance diagnostic DPE for residential property,

1 bis - the DPE MENTION Marcq-en-Barœul for goods for professional use in Lille,

2 - the Carrez Law for all property in joint ownership,

3 - the Asbestos Roubaix diagnosis for real estate in Lille,

3a - the DTA asbestos technical file for buildings for professional use north,

4 - the lead diagnosis for residential property,

5 - the Diagnostic Electric and Gas for all homes and apartments in Lille whose installation in over 15 years.



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This bourgeois town north of the Lille agglomeration remains a certain value. It is popular with middle-class families and well-off couples, given the possibility of unearthing terraced or individual houses. The adjacent streets near the tramway are the most popular because seniors appreciate the proximity of amenities and Lille and Parisian executives like public transport and the nearby Lille Europe station.

Semi-bourgeois houses of more than 120m² with garden sell for 350 - 400,000 € and typical 1930s houses in Marcq-en-Baroeul start from 340 to 460,000 €.

Regarding apartments, it takes around 3600 € per m² for residences built after 2000 and 2900 € per m² for buildings from the 1970s if they are maintained.

A new fashion is emerging: investors are looking to renovate 2 rooms to rent them at 550 - 600 € per month in order to circumvent the new rules related to the regulation of rents in Lille.

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Our engagements

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  • Expert reports provided within 24 hours

Casadiag Expertises carries out for you at your request the mandatory real estate diagnostics in Marc-en-Baroeul for your real estate for residential use or your building for professional use.

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Indeed, for a property for residential use, the diagnoses to be carried out are:

- Diag Plomb Marcq-en-baroeul

- Lead diagnosis before works Marcq-en-baroeul - Lead before demolition Marcq-en-baroeul

- Gas diagnosis Marcq-en-baroeul

- Electrical diagnostic safety Marcq-en-baroeul

- Diagnosis Parasitic state Marcq-en-baroeul

- Energy Performance Diagnosis DPE Marcq-en-baroeul

- Diagnosis Termites, Parasites, Mushrooms Marcq-en-baroeul

- Diagnosis Mérule Marcq-en-baroeul

- Carrez law Marcq-en-baroeul measurement

- Habitable area Marcq-en-baroeul

- State of risks and pollution Marcq-en-baroeul

- Market value expertise Marcq-en-baroeul

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and for buildings for professional use:

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- Accessibility diagnosis PMR Marcq-en-baroeul

- DPE TERTIARY MENTION Marcq-en-baroeul house- commercial premises- industrial building- warehouse- office

- Asbestos before sale Marcq-en-baroeul

- DTA asbestos technical file Marcq-en-baroeul

- DAT asbestos file before work Marcq-en-baroeul house- commercial premises- industrial building- warehouse- office

- DAAD asbestos file before demolition Marcq-en-baroeul house- commercial premises- industrial building- warehouse- office

- Visual report of removal of materials containing asbestos Marcq-en-baroeul

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We have all the mandatory certifications that you can consult on the state website .

We remain at your disposal to meet your requirements as quickly as possible.

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